Binaural Fusion between Electric and Acoustic Stimulation in Bimodal CI subjects

Bimodal stimulation consisting of electric stimulation with a cochlear implant (CI) and acoustic stimulation with a contralateral hearing aid (HA), can improve speech perception in noise. Currently at the Hannover Medical School more than 70% of the new CI implanted subjects has some sort of residual hearing on the contralateral ear of the CI. However, large variability in benefits with bimodal listening has been observed with some individuals even experiencing interference with this type of stimulation. This variability has been associated to binaural fusion between the CI and the HA. This work is about characterizing the basic mechanisms that provide binaural fusion between electric and acoustic stimulation in bimodal CI users through basic psychoacoustic and electrophysiological measures. Based on the fundamental understanding of bimodal fusion, this project investigates novel CI fittings to improve fusion between electric and acoustic stimulation. The evaluation of the CI fittings will be evaluated by means of a novel cortical electrophysiological measure and through behavioural measures to assess the benefit of bimodal input.


This project is funded by the William Demant Fundation.


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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Waldo Nogueira

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More information will follow soon ...

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