Head of research group
Portrait Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Inform. A. Büchner Buechner(at)
Research Team
Portrait Michael Bardt Bardt.Michael(at)
Portrait Hanna Bönitz Boenitz.Hanna(at)
Portrait Karl-Heinz Dyballa, Dr. rer. biol. hum. Dyballa.Karl-Heinz(at)
Portrait Annette Günther Guenther.Annette(at)
Portrait Sven Kliesch Kliesch.Sven(at)
Portrait Eugen Kludt, Dr. rer. nat. Kludt.Eugen(at)
Portrait Timo Leinemann, Dr. Leinemann.Timo(at)
Portrait Mark Schüssler Schuessler.Mark(at)
Portrait Tobias Weller Weller.Tobias(at)
Team Forschung DHZ
Team Ingenieure DHZ

About The VIANNA research team