Each winter term the lecture "Audio and Speech Signal Processing" is held. In the summer term we offer the lecture "3D-Audio - Grundlagen räumlicher Audioreproduktionssysteme".

Audio and Speech Signal Processing

In this Lecture the students will develop a methodology to analyze code, recognize and synthesize audio signals using signal processing techniques. More concrete the student should acquire the theoretical and practical competences related to:

  • Fundamentals of acoustics, physiological and perception of sound
  • Fundamentals of digital signal processing of audio signals
  • Methods for modeling and processing audio and speech signals


  • Introduction
  • Fundamentals of speech acoustics: Mechanisms of speech production speech, sound classification, sound representation
  • Fundamentals of perception: pitch, intensity and timbre
  • Spectral analysis of audio and speech signals
  • Speech Models: Physical models of speech
  • Fundamentals of speech perception
  • Spectral transforms of audio and speech signals
  • Models based of speech production: Predictive analysis based on speech production (LPC)
  • Application 1: Text-to-Speech Synthesis
  • Application 2: Automatic Speech Recognition: Cepstrum analysis, Hidden Markov Models

3D-Audio - Grundlagen räumlicher Audioreproduktionssysteme


  • Introdcution to 3D-acoustics
  • Fundametals of acousitcs
  • Spatial psychoacoustics
  • Physics of 3D-acoustics
  • Reproduction with loudspeakers
  • Reproduction with headphones
  • HRTF reproduction with headphones
  • Room acoustics in 3D-reproduction
  • VBAP and ambisonics
  • Wave field synthesis
  • Beamforming

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