DeHoCI Simulator

DeHoCI Simulator ver 0.0 is a software tool that can be used by any professional in the field of Cochlear Implants to understand how a cochlear implant works. DeHoCI offers the possibility to simulate the sound a cochlear implant user perceives. Sound is synthesized from the electrical patterns delivered by a Cochlear Implant device.

Additionally DeHoCI incorporates a simulator of the electrical field and the auditory nerve in the cochlea that allows the visualization of stimulation patterns.

This software tool has been implemented in MATLAB unfortunately, but still can be run as a standalone application.



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Waldo Nogueira

The App offers an original method to listen and interact with new music compositions for cochlear implants. It has been developed for Android operating system and can be downloaded from Google Play.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Waldo Nogueira

This version of the App is under development.

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